Our vision is to be an international museum and research center that engages and serves the community through a strong local and regional identity and presents nationwide perspectives on fashion and textile history.


  • To collect, study, interpret, preserve and raise awareness of history, fashion and textile heritage, art and architecture of Goa and the Konkan Coast.
  • To inspire and communicate to audiences through museum outreach and meaningful programme and research.
  • To engage and inspire the people of Goa through stories of local history.
  • To have meaningful exchanges and representations related to costume history, fashion and clothing at a national and international level.


  • Professionalism – through commitment to international museum standards and leadership.
  • Openness – of purpose, administration and governance.
  • Integrity – through fair practices and adherence to ethics.
  • Community and Collaboration – Working with meaningful partners, and with local communities in our programmes, exhibits and research ventures.
  • Respect – for varying perspectives, peoples, diverse cultural values and traditions of all communities.